3 Dec 2014

Mastodon live!! “... once the concussion wore off it was great!” 

29th Nov. Birmingham O2  
Mastodon was a band that I wanted to see live ever since a friend of mine introduced me to the song Blood and Thunder back in like 2009 or something, this being in a time when I was very naive to (at its best and worst) metal music. So when I heard it, it sounded so raw and aggressive yet melodic and well constructed unlike most of the generic music I had been exposed to beforehand (I was kind of late to the whole music thing in general). As I delved deeper into their other music (at this point more exposed to metal and alternative music) they became one of my favourite bands of the last 3 or so years. With a mix of so many styles and just a massive sense of power behind each riff I just ate it up, becoming so influenced and inspired by a band like this I’m surprised I only managed to catch them during their current tour (2014).  
So here’s the kind of crappy part... I was enjoying the second supporting act -Big Business!! Check them out- they were getting to the end of their set and it was fucking awesome. There was just a bass player with a fuck-ton of distortion and a bellowing voice coupled with an amazingly loud and complex drummer. I remember thinking “This drummer is incredible” and next thing I know I start to learn forward and just couldn’t stop myself... everything went black. A friend helped me up and guided me outside as I took a pretty bad thump to the head, courtesy of gravity and the floor. I honestly don’t know what happened it could have been; a mix of smoking too much, the environment, not enough sleep or food? But apart from feeling a little light headed on the train journey in it just kind of came out of nowhere. I didn’t feel anxious or uncomfortable, quite the opposite, I was having a good time. It just felt like someone pulled the plug all of a sudden... strange! 
That aside! Mastodon played an awesome mix of songs and I managed to get back in before they started. I was surprised at how well their new material worked on stage as I had not seen them performed at a smaller venue. In particular I mean the song ‘Motherload which was my personal favourite of the night along with ‘March of the fire ants’ ‘Blood and Thunder’ and ‘Oblivion’. They didn’t half arse any elements of their songs and even after a lengthy set crammed with quite a lot of material they still managed to blast out Blood and Thunder full force to end the set.  
It all ended with a few choice words from Brann Dailor thanking the audience and referring to Birmingham as “the birthplace of heavy metal” obviously leading to quite a reaction from the crowd. So in summary I couldn’t quite enjoy the first half as much as I wanted and didn’t get as involved in the crowd as I would have liked to but once the concussion wore off it was great! The choice of songs and overall sound was great. Each element of the band had its due. The bass really resonated well and locked in with the drum sound. The size of the venue really complimented Troy’s thundering bass sound and the heavier guitar parts. The more melodic driven parts and solo’s were clear and not at all muddy. The crowd seemed involved and pretty insane throughout (even though I took to the back). And then I went home to rest my weary and bruised head and sleep it off. While I didn’t experience it how I would have ideally wanted... Fuck it! It was Mastodon and it was brilliant.   
Special thanks to the people who helped me outside when I couldn’t see shit and could barely walk... oh and to the stewards who brought me water and let me back in and didn’t assume I was on acid or something... or maybe they did and just didn’t give a fuck. Oh and sorry if I fell into anyone!  

23 Oct 2014

Avengers 2 Trailer just hit/ Leaked!

Marvels Avengers 2 Trailer just hit/ Leaked!

This looks really great and creepy just like ultron should be! The comic ark of the Age of Ultron only ended last year and they have already added into the movie universe. However there are going to be some massive changes since there is not Ant man, Spider-man, Black Panther or Wolverine in this iteration of the universe but this still looks amazing with the first glimpse of the actual Hulk-Buster armor and not just the beefed up armor from Iron Man 3

Can not wait!


14 Oct 2014


Last night was the first episode of Gotham on channel 5 (UK) and well it was pretty awesome! 

Surpassed my expectations massively. Think it's going to be an awesome series and will give all us bat crazy people a different take on Jim Gordon being the bad-ass he is and how he got to be at the top! Along with Gotham itself being very very twisted but that could be a show in many ways. 

A batman related series and it's all about Jim Gordon it's going to be awesome! 

Chris Devaney 

25 Sep 2014

Blizzard cancel its new MMO Titan!

It's a shame that Blizzard takes a long time to create content, but then why would they need to with such repeated success from all three of their major franchises. But its always sad when they cancel a project, Star-Craft Ghost and now there former replacement for WoW: Titan which was 7 years in the making but now has been reported to be canceled.

However with Blizz-Con coming up there is always hope for something new coming from Blizzard. Personally I really want some news on the third and final installment of Star-Craft 2: Legacy of the Void (if that is its real name) but most likely it will just be news on championships, the new World of Warcraft expansion and maybe some Diablo 3 updates and news about there new IP's Hearthstone and Heroes of the Storm.

Chris J Mair

21 Sep 2014

Final Fantasy XV. Next Gen FF

I have never really played a Final Fantasy game, and what I have played of 13 I did not really get into it all that much. Watching these new trailers for 15 (XV) it looks breathtakingly good, so good infact I am a little sceptical, (hey I'm still cautious after the whole watchdogs thing)

But this game looks so much more open and accessible than what I have seen from previous games along with its new combat system that does not seem to be turn based anymore and more of a hack and slash (which may have already been done in FF sorry for ignorance) 

Chris J Mair

20 Sep 2014

The new Oculus

Source: Polygon

A new version of the "Rift" has just been shown off today with a few new updates.

The main visual update to the  headset is the earphones to cut down on wires on the headset which I'm a little sceptical about since I don't like the idea of not being able to use my Razor headphones however this statement leaves me hopeful "We're working on audio as aggressively as we're working on the vision side," Oculus' Brendan Iribe

Another few revisions include 360 head tracking, increased resolution to the screen(s) and a lower latency to avoid the throw-up feelings as well as the aim for developers who want to finish up there games for the upcoming release of the consumer version which is a very good sign.

This is the 3rd revision of the Development Kit and I can't wait to see some videos from it.

Chris J Mair

19 Sep 2014

My Night of terror!

So last night I had my first hand experience of PT on the ps4 and well what can i say other than wow!
I've never played a game so scary i'n my life! The atmosphere is terrifying, what's coming after is truly the thing of nightmares and the puzzles toy with your mind so much it really puts you on edge.

This is the future for horror games now! Its gonna be a hell of a ride!

Chris Devaney

18 Sep 2014

iPhone 6 Camera hype

The iPhone 6 comes out tomorrow (Friday 19th september) and I am personally really stoked for this new phone, yes its not the most advance hardware or the cheapest bang for your buck but what I really like about apple products is that they just work and they work amazingly together, even more so after iOS 8 and OSX 10.10 Yosemite with Handoff and the ability to answer calls and texts from all phones not just other iPhones now!

But the one thing I am really happy to get my hands on is the new camera with its slow motion video camera of 240fps and its new capabilities of faster focusing and better image processing. I've gathered a few images taken by Photographer Austin Mann and posted on The Verge

My experience of PT

So tonight I get to experience the terror of PT on the playstation 4. 

Wish me luck people, will post my experience tomorrow... if I survive the night :D

Chris Devaney

The "New" 3DS LL (XL)

Now we all (should) know about the 3DS that are going to be released in Japan sometime this year with the new coloured ABXY buttons with the brand new thumbstick on the right hand side.
However what I did not know was that the thumbstick is actually immovable stated by IGN on a video I watched this morning.

Just like older laptops had the small nubs to replace the trackpad. Personally I would like the stick to move just in the way the circle pad does on the existing 3DS, but by the guys reaction at IGN it seems to be just enough. 

Along with this the "new" console also has faster internals, better 3D capabilities and a slightly new form factor. 

League of Legends World Championships

Asking any fan of and e-sports about their respective championships, nothing gets more hype than the World Tournaments to see who is the best of the best. League of Legends is no exception. Each match brings a new level of hype you get closer and closer to the end the the tournament.

For me, the hype was around the Team Solomid (TSM) vs SK Gaming match as TSM just would not let up at any point. Watching early destruction of Jesiz's Oriana by Amazing's Lee Sin to the late game taunt of Dyrus' Alistair, every moment had me on the edge of my seat. If TSM keep their game like this throughout the tournament i think they have a solid chance at winning the cup.

If you need some inspiration to get hyped and get into worlds, watch the latest video from Riot called Warriors.

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